Content and Copywriting

Creating great content that's original as well as easy for search engines to understand

"Create great content" or "content is king" are phrases you have probably come across if you want to increase your rankings and get more visitors.

But not everyone has the gift of the gab and fewer still can refine original and interesting content so it is simultaneously easy for search engines to understand and index.

That's where Link2light can help so you can get on with what you're good at - running your business or living your life.

The Value of Content

Well written texts are a crucial part of any successful website:

  • Inspiring user confidence in you or your brand.
  • Acting as an excellent source of Link Bait (material so good others create links to it saving you the trouble of link building).
  • Providing extra product or service information for eCommerce sites which persuade visitors to buy.
  • Creating extra keyword focused content for search engines to index and rank.

Content and Copywriting Services

  • Article and feature writing.
  • Ghost blogging.
  • Original product descriptions.
  • Optimising your work for search engines.
  • Translating foreign texts into native (and search engine friendly) English.
  • Creating ways users can contribute to your site and so increase the content organically.

What You Should Know

At Link2light content and copywriting work is not farmed out and all pieces are written or verified by a native English speaker

This is vital because search engines can pick up on poorly written texts or those created by article spinning software and push them down (of completely out of) the rankings.