Conversion Optimization

Get the most out of your visitors
& let your visitors get the most from you

Where ever your visitors are coming from their arrival on your website is only half the story. If they don't do what you want them to do then your high rankings are pointless and your paid campaigns are wasted investments.

Have you defined your goals?

Too many of my clients first approach me with the desire to "rank for this keyword" or "get more traffic" but both are often a means to an end.

Real goals help you and I to take an important step back and consider all the options available. They could be:

  • Increase subscriptions to a newsletter/newspaper/magazine/service
  • Grow advertising revenue
  • Sell more products or services
  • Increase leads
  • Increase visitor numbers to qualify for certain programmes
  • Improve your online visibility and reputation to help with a career move (individuals) or offline sales (companies and organisations)

Getting more from your visitors

Our conversion optimization starts by analysing the behaviour of your users and consider questions such as:

  • Where to they arrive and from where have they come?
  • When do they leave and where to they go?
  • Where are they potentially getting lost?
  • What pages cause them to loose confidence?
  • What is working well ... and what isn't

With a clear understanding of your goals and current user behaviour it's possible to improve visitor flow and increase your conversion rates.

If that sounds like what you need then get in touch.