Keyword Analysis

Finding the right keywords and phrases to target in SEO and SEM is critical to the success of your website

We help many clients in this first, but crucial step. Going after the wrong keywords can be a costly mistake so investment at an early stage is essential.

Broadly we follow two steps for keyword analysis:

Step One: Finding keywords and phrases people actually search

The Keyword Planner within Google Adwords and other tools allow us to check if a keyword or phrase you have in mind is actually searched by your target audience.

We will tell you:

  • How often a word or phrase is searched.
  • What sort of competition there is for that word or phrase.
  • Other similar words or phrases you should consider.

We don't just pull out the high volume searches as competition here is usually high, we also drill down to find those lower volume options where ranking on a limited budget might be more feesable.

Step Two: Checking which keywords work for you

This is the step most often missed by other companies. Just because a keyword or phrase sounds good doesn't mean ranking for it will bring in the right visitors for you.

At this point for each keyword we'll recommend which ones might be fairly easy to rank for and so worth moving ahead with in terms of SEO and which ones could take exceptional time and resource.

For the latter type we can set up testing systems and data analysis to check which keywords and phrases will deliver your goals, not just traffic. This avoids wasted resources in SEO trying to rank for traffic that never delivers.

The primary method for this work is to create Adwords campaigns and analyse the statistically significant data from these visitors.