PPC Management for
Acupuncture Clinics

We make PPC advertising profitable for Acupuncture Clinics. With nearly two decades of experience and Google Accreditation we can establish and manage PPC campaigns for Acupuncturists!

We improve visibility

Advertise your Acupuncture Clinic in the right places

We optimize returns

Not just more visitors, more potential Patients

We open doors

Deep data analysis that reveals new opportunities

Our PPC Management Process for Acupuncturists

  • Location Audit

    Are you advertising in the right places and on the right platforms ... because there's more to PPC than just Google Ads

  • Campaign Set Up / Optimization

    We'll set up campaigns for you or clean up any that you already have to ensure you aren't paying for pointless clicks

  • Data Analysis

    We analyze the performance of your ads to see which ones are delivering the right visitors to your website and which ones are wasting cash

  • Opportunity Identification

    We find keywords and phrases used by your potential patients so we can target new and existing ads better.

  • Cost Control

    We put in place controls so you only spend what you can afford.

  • Landing Page Optimization

    The better the page your potential patients see after clicking your ad, the less you pay per click

Combined SEO and PPC for your Acupuncture Clinic

We're not just a PPC Management company, we are a full Online Marketing Agency able to harness multiple opportunities for Acupuncture Clinics

  • Accelerated SEO

    Where possible we use PPC to accelerate your SEO so you can rank in the natural search results faster.

  • Social Media Integration

    If it makes sense for your business we’ll leverage the right social media signals to amplify your PPC campaigns

  • SEO/PPC Attribution

    We’ll identify where SEO and PPC can work together effectively in a way that delivers more patients to your Acupuncture Clinic

Get the right patients coming to your website today with our managed PPC service.

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Improved Brand Visibility

across the internet

Increased Visitor Numbers

to your website

More Quality Enquiries

from potential patients


for your Business

Why use link2light to manage the PPC for your Acupuncture Clinic?

No Monthly Contract

We don’t try and tie you in with contracts, you stay with us because we deliver results

No Competitor Conflicts

We’ll only take on your business if you are the first Acupuncture Clinic in your area to approach us

Strict Cost Control

We ensure you never over spend or become victim to runaway costs

Experienced Team

link2light has been delivering SEO and Online Marketing solutions globally since 2005

Established Brand

We’re not a “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” setup but a business with a 17 year track record

Transparent Approach

We’ll tell you what we are doing and why we are doing it. so you are always in the loop.

Personal and Stable


I'm Tim Hill, Owner and Founder of link2light. I work personally with all our clients so you won't be dealing with a constant turnover of different account managers who are more focused on their career than your business.

We'll work together and create a history that ensures you long term success.

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