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We know there are a myriad of different ways to make an Gardening Service website or web presence successful in today's online environment - we use them every day. It allows us to offer unique solutions to each and every client.

Our Website SEO Process for Gardeners

  • Monitoring Installations

    We install (or correct faulty installations) of Google Analytics and Google Search Console so you can see first hand how your rankings are improving over time.

  • Code Optimization

    We clean up the code so Google can understand your website the way humans do by ensuring every search engine friendly tag and flag is in place.

  • JSON-LD Injection

    We insert JSON-LD which tells Google and Bing key information about your Gardening Service so they don’t have to guess ... making you more likely to rank in the right places.

  • Location Signals

    We add Google friendly specific details about your location or the locations you serve so you show in the search results of the customers who need your services most.

  • Site and Page Structuring

    We set up your website so Google can get around it easily and understand it better, both at page and site level.

  • Conversion Optimization

    We study visitor behavior and add features to make it more likely that your visitors will become your your future customers

Our Local SEO Process for Gardeners

  • Google My Business Listing Optimization

    We create or improve your GMB listing for better visibility in Google Search and Google Maps

  • Facebook Place Listing Optimization

    We’ll add a listing or clean up your current one so you feature in more Facebook Map searches

  • Citation Creation and Optimization

    We’ll put you in the directories that people use instead of Google (and Google uses them to!)

We've taken some business straight onto Google's first page simply by getting their Website Content and Local SEO setup right!

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Why use link2light for your Gardening Service SEO?

No Monthly Contract

We don’t try and tie you in with contracts, you stay with us because we deliver results

No Competitor Conflicts

We’ll only take on your business if you are the first Gardening Service in your area to approach us

No Black Hat Practices

We don’t use SEO practices that will get you ranked tomorrow and thrown out of Google the day after

No Monthly Contract

We don’t try and tie you in with contracts, you stay with us because we deliver results

No Competitor Conflicts

We’ll only take on your business if you are the first Gardening Service in your area to approach us

No Black Hat Practices

We don’t use SEO practices that will get you ranked tomorrow and thrown out of Google the day after

Experienced Team

link2light has been delivering SEO and Online Marketing solutions globally since 2005

Established Brand

We’re not a “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” setup but a business with a 15 year track record

Transparent Approach

We’ll tell you what we are doing and why we are doing it. so you are always in the loop.

Are you in a fiercely competitive market ?

We'll create a heavyweight bespoke package for your
Gardening Service

Content Creation

All the things Google loves: Quality text, imagery, graphics, animations, infographics and videos!

Page Speed+

Google loves fast loading pages, we’ll use advanced techniques such as caching and CDNs for lightning loading!

Social Media

We can assist or fully manage effective Social Media profiles that will raise the profile of your Gardening Service

PPC Management

Cost controlled and effective online advertising (like Google Ads) that drive the right traffic to your business

Personal and Stable


I'm Tim Hill, Owner and Founder of link2light. I work personally with all our clients so you won't be dealing with a constant turnover of different account managers who are more focused on their career than your business.

We'll work together and create a history that ensures you long term success.

Let’s start Search Engine Optimizing your Gardening Service Website!

SEO for Gardeners and Gardening Services – the long read!

OK. If you are still scrolling down it means you’re interested in the detail! Let’s look deeper and what we do at link2light for Gardeners and Gardening Services and get familiar with a bit of jargon as we go.

Search Engine Optimizing any business which has geographical limits (either because of your location or how far you can reasonably travel to serve your gardeners) is known as Local SEO.

Our goals are:

  1. Get more of the right visitors to your website so you have more prospective gardeners (a.k.a. increase your website traffic).
  2. Get more of the visitors on your website to make an enquiry (a.k.a. increase your conversion rate).

STEP ONE: Monitoring Installations

For us to see how your website is ranking now and how it is performing today we'll set up Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

  • Google Search Console - will tell you what words and phrases you currently rank for and where you rank and you can see this data for each individual page on your website. We'll also be able to see how your rankings are improving over time with this tool.
  • Google Analytics - will tell you how many visitors are coming to your website each day, where they are coming from and what they do when they arrive. We'll use this to test how changes to your website affect your Conversion rate.

You might have both these tools (which are completely free) already set up but we find many installations are faulty giving you false information about what is going on so we'll double check for errors as an immediate priority.

STEP TWO: Code clean up

Underneath most pages on your site is HTML code. This contains multiple different tags sending information to search engines about the content of the page and general information about your business as well.

More often than not it's all messed up - even if you use a search engine friendly platform like WordPress. There's a real chance your confusing the hell out of search engines and if you are doing that it's no surprise that they don't know where to rank you in their search results!


We'll look at key areas on each page:

  • The title tags - invisible to humans but read by search engines. Are they there and does their contents make it clear what your page is about?
  • The meta description - ignored as a ranking signal but often used in search results lists. Is it there and is it an accurate summary of the page. Would it make someone who saw it want to click through and visit?
  • The h1 tag - this should contain the title of your page and that title should be a good reflection of the page's content. Do you have it? Has your title accidently been placed in a different tag? Does the content help search engines.
  • Your opening lines - should make it immediately clear to visitors what they will find on the page like the opening lines of a new story summarizes the story to come. Are your opening lines accurate and effective?
  • Language quality - if your text contains a mountain of grammar errors and spelling mistakes then your visitors will find it hard to read. Google's been to school(!) so it can see this and it'll rank you down for offering a poor user experience.
  • Content quality - search engines are now smart enough to spot waffle and rambling. If that's what is on your page it doesn't matter what your word count is, it's not doing you any favors.
  • Image alt tags - invisible to humans but read by search engines who have a limited (but not zero) understanding of images. Are yours in place and good descriptions of the images they represent.
  • Spam checking - have you been told to repeat certain words on your page multiple times in order to rank? That's 1990s SEO! Do it now and expect to get ranked down, not up!
  • Image sizes - images are what slows down page loading times but without them your content would look as dry and lifeless as this list so you might feel damned if you do and damned if you don't. Not to worry! We'll bring your image sizes right down so they look great but don't slow your website to a snail's pace.
  • Accessibility - Google has all sorts of rules about text sizing and how much contrast there should be between text color and its background. We know them and we'll make sure your website isn't falling down here.
  • Readability - no one likes a wall of text (except you because you're reading this but we actually mainly put this in as content for the search engines!). Google wants to see information that is nicely broken up using colors, icons, images, info boxes, info graphics, short paragraph sizing, etc. Basically what you saw at the top of this page.

Once we have finished cleaning up your pages Google will have a crystal clear understanding that:

  • you are a Gardener
  • you offer Gardening Services


Traditionally search engines will crawl the content of a page and try to figure out things like what kind of business you are. On your website it might find words and phrases like Garden maintenance, fencing, pressure washing, garden clearance, commercial landscape maintenance, etc. which they would recognize as "doing" things.

They might also find words like supervisors, crew members, horticulturists, etc. which they would recognize as being related to people.

Gluing those (and a host of other signals) together they might conclude that you are a Gardening Service but they might still struggle to pick up other cricital information.

JSON-LD is a small block of computer code that passes on key information to all major search engines such as:

  • The type of business you are
  • Your business / brand name
  • Which of the images is your logo
  • Your price range
  • Contact information - such as email, telephone number and address
  • Your exact location - on a map
  • When you are open / available
  • What other web profiles you have - such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

JSON-LD hands them all of this and more making it an invaluable addition to the web site of every business.

Now you might be thinking - what about the Spammers? Won't they just abuse this to get rankings above you?

The key here is that search engines don't just use JSON-LD. They only believe it if certain other evidence adds up on the page. If it doesn't they can hand out penalties such as refusing to show the website in their search results at all.

In some ways this makes JSON-LD both critical and deadly! Do it right and it can really boost your rankings. Do it wrong and you can kiss your SEO efforts goodbye!

STEP FOUR: Location Signals

As I mentioned above JSON-LD will tell search engines your exact location - the postal address and the GPS coordinates - if you set it up right. But that doesn't mean Google will believe it!

Both Google and Bing need to see other signals which confirm you are not trying to scam them through JSON-LD and we knit these into the fabric of your website pages naturally. That doesn't only help the search engines, it helps your prospective customers too!

STEP FIVE: Page and Site Structure

This is a multi-sided area to achieve a variety of goals:

  • Help search engines get around your website so they crawl and index all the pages and keep on top of any changes.
  • Make sure search engines understand if your site has any particular areas (sets of pages) which are related or connected - each individual page gets a boost if it is both comprehensive and part of a group of pages about a topic because Google can see you are a specialist.
  • Ensure search engines understand each page by ensuring it is structured in a way that they can not only read the content ... but understand the overall framework of the content.

It is extraordinary how fast some websites can climb up the rankings as soon as they are structured in a way that makes search engines say "Ah! Now I get it!"

STEP SIX: Conversion Optimization

We used analytical tools to see how visitors move around your website. It allows us to see pages they love and pages they leave almost instantly.

We can also use this data to understand which pages, or which path of pages, gets you the best results.

We're also able to test small changes like the wording on links or buttons or even the colors used in various parts of your site - all of which can have a profound effect on how many of your visitors will ultimately become your customers.

STEP SIX: Conversion Optimization

Getting people to visit your website is one thing, getting those people to become your customers is another.

This is a specialist field of Search Engine Optimization known as Conversion Optimization. It fits inside SEO because search engines can see when people stick around on websites ... and when they leave fast. Both are signals as to where your website should rank.

The link2light team includes fully qualified statisticians and data analysts who can take apart what your visitors are doing and identify areas which work well so they can be replicated throughout the site.

Sometimes this might be as simple as adding a 'Contact us now' button in strategic locations across the site, sometimes it can involve "A/B Testing" - when we create two versions of a page and analyse which one works better at converting visitors into customers.

Conversion Optimization can easily double or triple the number of people getting in touch with you.


STEP SEVEN: Your Google My Business Listing

When someone carries out a search for a business like a Gardening Service Google will, more often than not, display a map at the top of the search results and a handful of below this.

These rankings have nothing to do with your website and everything to do with your Google My Busines profile.

Getting your profile ranked at or near the top of the risk depends on a number of factors including how complete your listing is, how well your text elements have been scripted and how many positive reviews you have.

We take care of all of this for you giving you an excellent chance to rank on the first page of Google within days for related searches.

STEP EIGHT: Your Facebook Place Listing

When you are caught up in search engine optimizing your website for Google and Bing its easy to forget that many people are searching for you ... but not on Google or Bing!.

Many people now use platforms like Facebook (and its map service, OpenStreetMap) to find local businesses so getting your profile and location correct here is a must if you want more business.

We create or optimize existing Facebook listings making them attractive and effective for your .

STEP NINE: Citations

Internet users not only search Google, Bing and Facebook. Many use a variety of trusted directories especially when they are looking for a local business.

A number of these directories will often rank on Google's first page for related searches.

The directories themselves are often run by big companies with extensive SEO budgets so the concept here is If you can't beat them, be in them.

This way you'll not only show up one click away from Google's first page in searches, you'll also be in the places people use to find when they're not using Google.

Again, where you appear in these directories greatly depends on the quality of your listing.

We identify all the directories that your potential customers use and create or optimize the listings which will leave you with a strong set of business generators across the web.

These listings are also referred to as "citations" because Google will have more confidence in your website if it finds your business in other places around the web. Its a way of double checking you aren't a scam.

And more confidence means better rankings potential so even these simple directory listings can have an affect on your Search Engine Optimization!

STEP TEN: For in fiercly competitive markets

Everything we've covered so far can be enough to move the needle and get your website working for you. But sometimes your competitors have taken their SEO seriously as well so you need to go the extra mile...

That's where you tap into our 15 years of Online Marketing experience as we pull out the big guns!

Content Creation

Google loves relevant content. If you have heard people say your content has to be "fresh" you can forget this, its a myth, it has to be relevant.

The more comprehensive Google thinks your website is, the more it believes it will please people and so the higher it will rank you.

"Content" comes in all shapes and sizes:

  • text - well written and well presented engaging text mixed with a variety of other content delivery formats
  • images - because Google knows an image can say a thousand words and people prefer that compared to reading a thousand words!
  • video - which not only makes your content easier to access but, if the videos are yours, gives you a chance to rank on YouTube ... now the world's second biggest search engine.
  • inforgraphics - because they add value my making complex ideas and concepts easy to understand and digest.
  • audio - because some people like to listen to content on the go ... and Google knows it

You don't need every type of content, we'll put together the right mix for your business that will help make your website stand out from the masses in the eyes of Google. It will also give your website visitors far more confidence to become your customers.

Page Speed

When two websites seem equal in the eyes of Google its the one that loads faster that will rank higher because we live in a global world and the majority of searches are carried out on mobile devices.

These phones and tablets don't always have access to high speed internet connections so slow loading websites get sent to the back of the queue!

We use host analysis, caching, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and code fine tuning to make sure your website loads lightning fast.

Social Media

We've already covered the need to have a Facebook Place profile but being active on wider social media can have a huge impact on the level of business that comes your way.

With the number of social media platforms out there today its impossible to create and maintain effective profiles on all of them but we identify the right ones that will work for you,

Paid Advertising

We have more than a decade of experience in managing paid advertising campaigns for both online and physical businesses so you keep control of you budget but see real improvements with a concrete Return on Investment.

We handle paid advertising within:

  • Google and Bing Organic Search
  • Google and Bing Shopping
  • Social Media Platforms like Facebook
  • Marketplaces like ebay and Amazon