Despite plans to grow will Facebook be eaten from within by spammers and the damage to it's brand from the stock flotation?

Will Facebook Implode?

There has been plenty of concern over Facebook since it’s recent flotation with much speculation surrounding it’s ability to survive financially. I’m surprised at yet another multi-billion dot com affair but this aside I see FB’s problem as two fold – it is being eaten up by spam accounts from within is one half and the damage that has been done to the brand by the IPO is the other.

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Could Google be looking to take over it's own Search Results pages?

A Google Semantic Search example

Google’s Semantic Search will probably be the biggest shake up of how we find things on the net that we have seen for years.

It will fundamentally change the SEO landscape and for the most part we are actually pretty blind as it takes place, and it has already started taking place.

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Link Bait is one way of getting other people to do your link building for you without paying a penny but it's not as simple as it sounds.

Link Building or Link Bait?

Many of my clients, on first contact, are interested in what we can do for them when it comes to link building.

That’s not surprising, there is no end of content around the web about how important links are and most people receive regular spamy type emails offering ’50 links for $20′ or the like. It all makes link building sound vital.

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No one can be number one all the time ... but few people know that which makes rich pickings for SEO cowboy firms

How Can I be Number One on Google?

It’s obviously a question I am asked almost daily. The other one is ‘Can you put my website in the top 3 of Google?’

I understand why it is such a rampant enquiry – there are no end of renegade SEO companies that promise such results.

So is it possible? Yes and No…

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Google Toolbar gives Google vast pools of data which it uses to rank websites in the search results

Is link building important anymore?

The idea of Google Panda was to try and remove poor quality sites that were clogging up the search engine results pages (SERPs). The plan was to kill off duplicate content or content that was no more than a bunch of links.

But why have so many innocent people seemingly been caught in the cross fire? And are they really innocent?

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If Black Hat is good enough for the Queen ....?

Black Hat SEO works, so why not use it?

Black Hat is Search Engine Optimisation work that crawlers like Google, Yahoo and Bing would ban your website for if they realised what you were up to.

And they most certainly are getting better at this. Many sites that relied on copied content (content farms) or were nothing more than directories containing links (link farms) have seen themselves disappear from search results or moved so low in the rankings that they may as well not be there.

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Do blogs help SEO?

Blogging starts easily but doing it effectively can be hard word (Image: Alex Hughes)

Blogging starts easily but doing it effectively can be hard word (Image: Alex Hughes)

“Start blogging and it will help your SEO” are the words I so often see on forums or hear in conversations but many people try it out and never find the promised land of high rankings. So do blogs really help?

In essence blogs can be effective but only when carried out properly.

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Real SEO practitioners don't get too close to linkwheels

Link wheels, a SEO solution?

There are plenty of SEO companies pushing the link wheel solution at the moment. Have you lost your position in the search results because you were using link farms? No problem, use link wheels instead because Google sees these as natural.

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Dealing with clients who don't understand something is prime cowboy territory

On the trail of the SEO expert

Being a growth industry, SEO is full of cowboys who see optimising websites as ideal ‘get rich quick’ fodder even if they don’t actually produce results for the client.

I’ve sometimes followed these people through the system and it goes a bit like this:

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