Do blogs help SEO?

“Start blogging and it will help your SEO” are the words I so often see on forums or hear in conversations but many people try it out and never find the promised land of high rankings. So do blogs really help? In essence blogs can be effective but only when carried out properly.

Real SEO practitioners don't get too close to linkwheels

Link wheels, a SEO solution?

There are plenty of SEO companies pushing the link wheel solution at the moment. Have you lost your position in the search results because you were using link farms? No problem, use link wheels instead because Google sees these as natural.

Dealing with clients who don't understand something is prime cowboy territory

On the trail of the SEO expert

Being a growth industry, SEO is full of cowboys who see optimising websites as ideal ‘get rich quick’ fodder even if they don’t actually produce results for the client. I’ve sometimes followed these people through the system and it goes a bit like this: