Most link builders are obsessed with avoiding No Follow links but they are missing a trick.

Do No Follow Links Count?

From my own mailbox, the forums and sites like Yahoo answers there is a constant stream of people looking for websites with ‘Do Follow’ links because they think that getting a backlink which is marked ‘No Follow’ counts for nothing. In this they could not be more wrong.

There are still plenty of SEO myths which are alive and well in 2013. Here are the worst offenders!

SEO Myths for 2013

The longer an industry survives and the more rapidly it evolves, the more opportunity there is for myths to breed like rabbits. Many people make their living from those who believe in a myth so it is very much in their interest to keep a particular legend going. I see this a great deal in the link swapping and link building businesses but it is also rife in other areas.

Many SEO practitioners try and fail, and then conclude Keyword Density doesn't work and therefore doesn't matter

How to Choose your Keywords

Just because a keyword or phrase is searched regularly on Google does not mean it is worth chasing. There is a misconception that high end keywords (words or phrases searched in large volumes every month) are the most desirable but it’s not always the case.