Making the most of Google Adwords

So often when I mention Google Adwords, or any PPC concept come to that, I hear a sort of distressed gurgle. Luckily I’ve learnt to translate that! It means one of two things: “I’ve tried it and lost a lot of money” or, “What has that got to do with SEO?”

How users interact with your website is becoming an increasingly important factor in how it ranks

Internet User Optimisation (IUO)

Today I’m going to モcoin a phraseヤ and explain how the future of SEO is going to look because the rapidly changing landscape of this industry is highly misunderstood by many web-masters. Internet User Optimisation is the name I am giving to a new aspect which will play an ever more important role in where a page or site ranks. I’ll be telling you what it is and how it fits into site optimisation.