Many bloggers have become every bit as corrupt as the old order they seeked to displace

Links for sale in a corrupt blogosphere

Bloggers changed the way we received information about the world and felt like a breath of fresh air compared to old style journalists pushing the agendas of whoever owned their news outlet. But power brings corruption and that’s where many bloggers have fallen … giving Google a headache.

Do you know if the content you are creating is doing you any good?

Are you wasting your time creating content for SEO?

There has long been a mantra that ‘content is king’ banged out by many in the SEO world which causes website owners to rush off and blog or write articles … but does it work? I will just point out the obvious here, we are talking about creating quality content, not some generic drivel that is on offer from thousands of sites providing articles for a few dollars.

Google's Trust Measurement

Big SEO names get hit by Google so who can you trust?

March 2014 was a seismic month with at least two well known names in the world of search engine optimisation being hit by Google penalties. So who can you trust to do your SEO? The whirlwind really began when rumour started to speculate that Ann Smarty’s MyBlogGuest website had been removed from Google’s index. In reality it had just been ranked to lower in the search results but that’s academic really. It was out. For my opinion on why see the post Why Google banned MyBlogGuest.

Why Google banned MyBlogGuest

MBG helped blogger and guest blogger get together and it was one of those services that made you say, ‘Now why didn’t I think of that?’ So why has Google banned it? Not only has it got its very own manual penalty, many publishers who were using it have started receiving the same.

Could Google penalize you for guest blogging?

This is inspired by David Edbrooke-Stainer from WTF SEO. In reply to my post ‘What does Matt Cutts mean: Guest Blogging is Done’ David said he would never use guest blogging. His argument runs that guest blogging is essentially a way of paying for links. The content you give to the blogger is the payment in return for which you get a link or two.

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What does Matt Cutts mean: ‘Guest Blogging is Done’?

Hardly has guest blogging become all the rage in SEO than Matt Cutts says it is ‘done’ or ,for want of a better word, ‘dead’. But where did the fashion come from and is it really all over? A little history In the early days it was all about getting links to your website and the easiest way to do that was just swapping links. I’ll link to you if you link to me.

Do blogs help SEO?

“Start blogging and it will help your SEO” are the words I so often see on forums or hear in conversations but many people try it out and never find the promised land of high rankings. So do blogs really help? In essence blogs can be effective but only when carried out properly.