500 internal server error only in Chrome and IE

What Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer sometimes report as a 500 server error is actually misleading. If you have a situation where Firefox works but Chrome shows a message like the one pictured to the right and IE simply says it cannot display the page (suggesting you might no even be online) then your issue may not be with your server.

Adding rich snippets to your breadcrumbs enhances the way your pages look in the search results

X-Cart Breadcrumbs and Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are all the rage at the moment because they make the way your website looks in the search results of Google, Yahoo and Bing well ナ a little more sexy! If you’re not sure what Rich snippets are or how they might relate to your online shop have a read of our page on rich snippets and schema first So how to you integrate them into your X-Cart store?

Do you know where your Google Ads are actually showing up?

Google Adwords changes 2012

For years Google had a method for serving up advertisements on websites that used Adsense (that old favourite where you add a block of code and advertisements magically appeared). Their method was to look at the content of the page, decide what the page was about, see who was bidding to advertise on a page about that topic and then serve up the highest bidders.