The numbers that Google's Keyword Tool churns out can lead many on a wild goose chase

Is Google’s Keyword Tool Accurate?

I hear and read a great deal about people who use Google’s Keyword Tool to define the words and phrases they will pursue, finally rank for them, and see only a dribble of traffic. But it is like any other tool – you have to know how to use it so you don’t end up slaving away to optimise for something that will do you no good at all. So what do you need to know?

500 internal server error only in Chrome and IE

What Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer sometimes report as a 500 server error is actually misleading. If you have a situation where Firefox works but Chrome shows a message like the one pictured to the right and IE simply says it cannot display the page (suggesting you might no even be online) then your issue may not be with your server.

Adding rich snippets to your breadcrumbs enhances the way your pages look in the search results

X-Cart Breadcrumbs and Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are all the rage at the moment because they make the way your website looks in the search results of Google, Yahoo and Bing well ナ a little more sexy! If you’re not sure what Rich snippets are or how they might relate to your online shop have a read of our page on rich snippets and schema first So how to you integrate them into your X-Cart store?

Do you know where your Google Ads are actually showing up?

Google Adwords changes 2012

For years Google had a method for serving up advertisements on websites that used Adsense (that old favourite where you add a block of code and advertisements magically appeared). Their method was to look at the content of the page, decide what the page was about, see who was bidding to advertise on a page about that topic and then serve up the highest bidders.

Are internet users about to realise how many Facebook 'likes' could actually be worthless?

The End of Facebook Likes?

Last month I wrote about how getting Facebook ‘Likes’ doesn’t do anything for your SEO because search engines like Google know they can be purchased by the thousands. “Yes”, said one of my clients. “But internet users don’t know that and when they come to a site with 3,000 Likes they feel confidence.”

As a general guide if someone can get you thousands of 'somethings' for a few dollars it is easy to see that they are, or are about to be, worthless.

Should I get you 1,000 Facebook Likes

There is a booming industry of online businesses offering Facebook ‘Likes’, Google Plus Ones, Twitter Followers and the like. These social media bookmarks are supposed to be desirable because they signal to search engines the number of internet users who genuinely like your website or your content enough to share it with their friends. Well they used to …It was, of course, not long before the idea was hijacked by companies who made up thousands of false accounts ヨ in Facebook, Google, Twitter, and on. From there it was easy to offer a thousand social media bookmarks or followers overnight …

Despite plans to grow will Facebook be eaten from within by spammers and the damage to it's brand from the stock flotation?

Will Facebook Implode?

There has been plenty of concern over Facebook since it’s recent flotation with much speculation surrounding it’s ability to survive financially. I’m surprised at yet another multi-billion dot com affair but this aside I see FB’s problem as two fold – it is being eaten up by spam accounts from within is one half and the damage that has been done to the brand by the IPO is the other.

Could Google be looking to take over it's own Search Results pages?

A Google Semantic Search example

Google’s Semantic Search will probably be the biggest shake up of how we find things on the net that we have seen for years. It will fundamentally change the SEO landscape and for the most part we are actually pretty blind as it takes place, and it has already started taking place.

Link Bait is one way of getting other people to do your link building for you without paying a penny but it's not as simple as it sounds.

Link Building or Link Bait?

Many of my clients, on first contact, are interested in what we can do for them when it comes to link building. That’s not surprising, there is no end of content around the web about how important links are and most people receive regular spamy type emails offering ’50 links for $20′ or the like. It all makes link building sound vital.

No one can be number one all the time ... but few people know that which makes rich pickings for SEO cowboy firms

How Can I be Number One on Google?

It’s obviously a question I am asked almost daily. The other one is ‘Can you put my website in the top 3 of Google?’ I understand why it is such a rampant enquiry – there are no end of renegade SEO companies that promise such results. So is it possible? Yes and No…