X-Cart, WooCommerce or Magento

Is X-Cart still the best ecommerce platform for SEO?

In early 2022 X-Cart made a major change to their business model. Instead of downloading the code, paying a one off licence fee (c. $500) and ‘off you go’ the new setup requires a $199+ monthly subscription. That’s a major on cost for some businesses. With X-Cart now effectively costing $2,400+ per year is it the best option for businesses who rely heavily on SEO to get their traffic?

Finding the best VPS hosting company isn't easy.

Finding the best managed VPS hosting company in 2016

I’m not a web hosting expert by a long mile – my job is to rank websites high up on search engines and that alone is full time. For over a decade, I haven’t had to think about it because Webfusion provided a solid solution time and again. Unfortunately recent changes at Webfusion (the termination of their VPS service) and the meltdown of the Heart Internet data center (Webfusion’s recommended replacement) has meant I’ve needed to do a little homework.

The Heart Internet data center meltdown was bad, their crisis management made it worse.

The great Heart Internet data center meltdown

Website hosting isn’t my specialty, SEO and online marketing are. The great thing was I didn’t have to be … until Heart Internet went pear-shaped. If any of my client’s rankings were suffering due to their host (slow response, lots of downtime, etc.) the answer was always simple – move them to Webfusion. For larger sites move them to a Webfusion VPS. I’ve used Webfusion VPSs since the 10th of whenever and it was one of those services you didn’t have to think about – it did exactly what it said on the tin. For the occassional headache you could …

Potential Heart VPS fix

The Heart Internet VPS potential fix

OK – I don’t work for Heart so this isn’t an excuse but when it comes to VPSs there is a reason they are being so slow that I am aware of. Applications like WordPress, X-Cart and many others aren’t designed to behave well in a crash situation and strange things can happen. As far as I can see the database servers went down at Heart before the main servers meaning many applications behaved in a very wierd way and it takes ages to find out what. In one example of mine an error log file ballooned to 40GB making …

500 internal server error only in Chrome and IE

What Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer sometimes report as a 500 server error is actually misleading. If you have a situation where Firefox works but Chrome shows a message like the one pictured to the right and IE simply says it cannot display the page (suggesting you might no even be online) then your issue may not be with your server.

Even in the demo VevoCart makes no SEO attempts, as the page title and URL show here for a page that is listing men's boots ...

VevoCart and SEO

VevoCart is the asp.net offering for an online shopping cart and it was recently bought to my attention by a client. In terms of usability I have never applied it to a website because it is so poorly reviewed. You can read some stories of woe here: http://www.shopping-cart-reviews.com/carts/VevoCart.aspx.