Hummingbird has been released, but it hasn't been unleashed ...

SEO post Google Hummingbird

Hummingbird is Googleメs new algorithm for indexing the web. Launched in late 2013 there was no noticeable difference to the search results. This is because we are not talking about what Hummingbird is, but what it can do and will be doing as we go through 2014. Panda and Penguin were about removing the real dross from search results and they will continue to do so. But Hummingbird is about trying to sort out what is left in a more accurate way.

Could Google penalize you for guest blogging?

This is inspired by David Edbrooke-Stainer from WTF SEO. In reply to my post ‘What does Matt Cutts mean: Guest Blogging is Done’ David said he would never use guest blogging. His argument runs that guest blogging is essentially a way of paying for links. The content you give to the blogger is the payment in return for which you get a link or two.