Why Google banned MyBlogGuest

MBG helped blogger and guest blogger get together and it was one of those services that made you say, ‘Now why didn’t I think of that?’ So why has Google banned it? Not only has it got its very own manual penalty, many publishers who were using it have started receiving the same.

Could spammy backlinks pay off?

Spam, ban, thank you Ma’am

Most of the time I talk about how to do SEO and avoid being penalized by Google but today I’m going to show you three cases where spamming and getting banned really benefited the websites involved. JC Penny, InterFlora and Rap Genius are big brand names that were hit by Google for violating its terms of use. It didn’t take them long to make amends and the result for all three was a much improved backlink profile.

Are webmasters finally getting wise?

The end of monthly SEO packages?

I haven’t offered monthly SEO packages for years but I see many companies still advertising the concept. That ‘6 guest blogs, 1 press release, 1 video, etc. for $x per month’ type of thing. I can see why they are so attractive to many website owners, they are quantifiable and you can actually see that work is being done ヨ even if rankings don’t move. I don’t do them because every website turns on its merits, it is an individual case that has its own unique needs and requirements.