In threatening a customer with fines if they don't remove negative reviews KlearGear have shot themselves in the foot

KlearGear: how not to manage your online reputation

I’m often to be found banging on to clients about how important it is for them to manage their online reputation. I bang on because it is hard for most to prioritize this task when there doesn’t seem to be any urgency. Then one day, because you simply can’t please everybody, a negative review appears somewhere on the web and all hell breaks lose.

If you don't understand the question you won't understand the answer making you a prime target for cowboy SEO companies,

What does “SEO my website” actually mean?

One of those ever popular requests I get in my email box is “Can you SEO my website?”. Yes I can but what are you actually asking? Over and over on the Website Design sites I also see phrases like “SEO built in” but does that mean you will be top of the search engines? The short answer is “No”.