Many lose money constantly on PPC but find they still need it for a profitable bottom line.

When losing money on PPC is a good strategy

From time to time I find myself saying to a client “spend less on my SEO services and more on Pay Per Click. My fees to manage your PPC are less and it will improve your SEO”. That’s a bit of a strange one for many to get their heads around but I’ll be laying out how it works in this post.

Do you know where your Google Ads are actually showing up?

Google Adwords changes 2012

For years Google had a method for serving up advertisements on websites that used Adsense (that old favourite where you add a block of code and advertisements magically appeared). Their method was to look at the content of the page, decide what the page was about, see who was bidding to advertise on a page about that topic and then serve up the highest bidders.