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What does Matt Cutts mean: ‘Guest Blogging is Done’?

Hardly has guest blogging become all the rage in SEO than Matt Cutts says it is ‘done’ or ,for want of a better word, ‘dead’. But where did the fashion come from and is it really all over? A little history In the early days it was all about getting links to your website and the easiest way to do that was just swapping links. I’ll link to you if you link to me.

SEO for 'keyword x' is changing fast.

Can you SEO for a specified keyword in 2014?

The question, “How much will you charge to rank my site for Keyword X”? has not changed and the relentless spamming of blogs and forums suggests there are still many companies prepared to make promises that it can be done via any type of link building. But Google’s changes over the last two years, and the advent of Hummingbird, have made this task very different as we go forward into 2014.